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bigbowsdarktans said: heeyy how long have you been studying at leeds?:)

A year now. Start my second year in September! Can’t wait to get back. Thanks for asking :) x

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So I’m off to Leeds Fest tomorrow to do the filming!

I’ve been waiting for this for 3months! So excited! But I’m also terrified. I struggle with long car journeys… Help

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So I’m at this sleepover (yes I’m almost 20 and at a sleepover)

And everyone is asleep. But I cannot sleep cause I’m too hot and uncomfy. And my nose is all runny and blocked and ew. I just wanna be in my own bed. I might just not sleep and then get my mum to pick me up at 9 so I can sleep at home

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I saw a few masterposts going around tumblr and decided to make one. A lot of these links are helpful for High School as well! Enjoy and please tell me if you have problems with any link.
Online Ruler
Thinking & Memorizing Tips
Research & Reading Tips
Finals Help Guide
Homework Help
Math Help
Geography Help
Study Playlist
Convert Anything To Anything
Productive Study Break Tips
Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam
AP Cram Packets
Writing Help
Free Microsoft Word Equivalent
Writing Software Master post
Cant Remember A Word?
Bibliography Maker
Social Media Citation Guide
Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing
Writers Block?
Coffee Shop Sounds
Essay Structure Guide
Want To Know Who You Write Like?
Alternatives To Expensive Textbooks
Download Free Books
Download Free Kindle Books
Free Audio Books
Thoughts Room
Panic & Anxiety Masterpost
Guided Relaxation
Stress Relievers
Chill Playlist
Cute Videos
Quick & Easy Snack Recipes
Study Snacks
The Collegiate Vegan
On The Go Breakfast Recipes
Brownie In A Cup
Check The Safety Of Any Website
Download From 8tracks
Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?
Self Defense Tips
Upload Anything From Your Smartphone To You Laptop
Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music
Prevent Hangovers
Netflix Recommendations 
Becoming An Adult Masterpost
All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged
Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies
Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link
Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists
Watch Musicals
List Of Universities On Tumblr

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